Bereavement and Loss


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Grief is the death of something. We associate grief with the death of a loved one but grief takes many forms. A break up is the death of a relationship.

A divorce is the death of a marriage. A job loss is the death of a career. An estrangement is the death of a relationship. In all these scenarios we have lost someone or something and it’s important we grieve the loss so we can heal from it.

The whole area of grief is interconnected with divorce, relationship break-up and any of life’s other personal losses including the loss of a much-loved family pet. If you are suffering with the pain of losing a loved one and feeling lost or uncertain about your future you are not alone. I am able to support you.

As a Certified Grief Educator, I am committed to providing you the highest level of grief support through education, experience, and insights into the, often unacknowledged, rocky terrain of grief.

I will hold space for you and listen to your story and assist you emotionally and practically where appropriate. It is all about witnessing your grief and meeting you where you are and supporting you, informing you and guiding you. Grief comes with a rollercoaster of emotions and the range of emotions will be different for everyone. It is a process and there is no quick fix, but being able to trust and express your feelings in a neutral space is key to healing as we have to feel to heal. And there are also other elements to factor in such as the type of grief you are facing and the stage you are in your grief.

The loss of a loved one is the most stressful life event any of us have to face. Nothing prepares us for the loss and the range of emotions we feel which can be extremely intense and overwhelming. The level of grief we feel is commensurate with the depth of feeling we have for the person we have lost. It takes time to process the range of emotions we experience. There is no timeline for grief and we have to give ourselves permission to grieve fully. There are various types of grief, depending upon the circumstances, and everybody’s situation and experience of grief will be different as we are all unique and process grief differently.

An initial free, no obligation 30-minute Breakthrough Call

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As a Certified Grief Educator, whatever your loss, I can help you navigate the challenges of grief.

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