Creating Thriving Relationships


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Are you in a new relationship and want to overcome old patterns?

Moving on from a previous relationship means leaving behind what didn’t serve you in that relationship. Do not let the foundations that made your last relationship the foundations for a new one.

Has your relationship taken a back seat to your children and you want to rekindle the romance with your partner? Or do you need help to rescue a relationship? In a relationship, differences and disagreements between partners will arise but they do not have to become irreconcilable ones or inevitably result in divorce or break-up.

We all want fulfilling relationships. I can support you with yours.

The benefits of relationship coaching are that you will:

  • be better equipped emotionally to deal with the issues you are facing;
  • have practical skills to enable you to effectively manage those issues;
  • be more able to break through any barriers holding you back. No more feeling “stuck”;
  • feel motivated to take the action necessary for you to move forward and have fulfilling and thriving relationships;
  • feel more empowered and more confident in all your relationships.

When we think of relationships, those of a romantic nature tend to come to mind, and as a relationship coach I will work with both singles and couples to help them to address any issues which are causing them to feel stuck or to struggle in the relationship – managing conflict, helping with communication, addressing co-dependency, and setting boundaries, for example. But the state of the relationships in all areas of your life will have a huge impact on you. This will include familial relationships, friendships, working relationships and not forgetting the relationship with yourself. I can support you to better understand yourself and your relationship behavioural patterns to help you create thriving and fulfilling relationships.

I hold a Diploma in Relationship Coaching accredited by the international Coach Federation.

Couples Coaching available on request.

An initial free, no obligation 30-minute Breakthrough Call

This is to discuss your relationship coaching needs and to find out if we are the right fit for each other.

Do not let the foundations that made your last relationship the foundations for a new one

I currently offer coaching sessions on Zoom or by telephone depending on your preference as follows: