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Are you looking for love?

Maybe you’re single and frustrated that all of your friends are settling down or perhaps you just feel lost in the dating game and want to find “the one” and become more confident in your dating decisions, but are unsure where to start.

You may have come out of a relationship and are ready to date again and need assistance finding your ideal partner and are seeking guidance and support.

Whatever your situation, I can assist you.

The benefits of dating coaching are that you will:

  • have more self- awareness so that you do not repeat old behavioural patterns such as self-sabotage or fear of commitment for example;
  • have a key strategy for how to date most effectively and to meet the right partner;
  • be crystal clear on your wants and needs and your “must not haves”;
  • be more confident in your dating skills;
  • be able to break through any barriers holding you back. No more feeling “stuck” or not good enough;
  • feel motivated to take the action necessary for you to move forward and build close connections;
  • feel more empowered and more confident to enter or re-enter the dating forum.

You may find the whole idea of dating – or re-entering the dating world after a divorce, break-up or personal loss – daunting. You may be someone who struggles to find or maintain close relationships. I will work with you on your past relationship history and look at your relationship behavioural patterns and ask questions about previous dating experiences and break-ups. This will help you gain insight into why those relationships played out the way they did, and enable you to make positive changes so you do not repeat past patterns. You will be equipped to make and build better connections, and feel much more confident in your dating skills.

Celia Conrad

Featured Columnist in Expert Profile Magazine. Read my dating column in the Autumn 2022 Edition

An initial free, no obligation 30-minute Breakthrough Call

This is to discuss your relationship coaching needs and to find out if we are the right fit for each other.

I am here to support you, reassure you, guide you and empower you.

I currently offer coaching sessions on Zoom or by telephone depending on your preference as follows: