Divorce & Relationship Break-up


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Are you struggling with your break-up or divorce and unclear about the way forward? Do you feel emotionally overwhelmed? Are you still grieving for your relationship and unable to let go?

When we are going through a divorce or break-up, we have to make a number of key decisions. It is ironic that, particularly in the early stage of a divorce or break-up where we need to be emotionally strong and able to make these important decisions about our future and the future of our children, we will be at our most vulnerable emotionally. The fact is it is very difficult to make rational decisions when we are in a high state of anxiety and feeling emotionally charged. Support during this time to help decrease the intensity of emotion and to shed clarity on the situation will make it easier for you to deal with overwhelm and stress and to make strategic decisions.

The benefits of break-up and divorce coaching are that you will:

  • be better equipped emotionally to deal with the issues you are facing;
  • have practical skills to enable you to effectively move through every stage of the process;
  • be more able to break through any barriers holding you back. No more feeling “stuck”;
  • feel motivated to take the action necessary for you to move forward from the pain;
  • feel more empowered and able take back control, regain self-confidence and design the new life you want to create, just for you.

A divorce or relationship break-up is the second most stressful life event after the death of a loved one. A divorce is the death of a marriage, and a break-up is the death of a relationship. On that basis, it is no surprise that the emotions we feel will follow the pattern of grief in so many ways. If you lose someone, you need to grieve that loss and work through your emotions. But with the right support you will be able to move forward and out the other side, and re-create a life where you are thriving.

An initial free, no obligation 30-minute Breakthrough Call

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I am here to support you, reassure you, guide you and empower you.

I currently offer coaching sessions on Zoom or by telephone depending on your preference as follows: