One of the areas I have been focusing on recently is Wellbeing in the Workplace, aiming to raise awareness on the huge impact that personal issues such as divorce/break-up/grief have on wellbeing, work performance and morale.

I regularly post about this and have been presenting workshops on Personal Loss to educate and inform on all the different types of personal loss and to offer practical and emotional support.

Back in January I was nominated for the Super Minds Award by Expert Profile Magazine for Service to Humanity and I’m really honoured to have won this award. My driving force is to help people move forward from the pain of personal loss and, if I can do that through the services I offer, all to the greater good.

I recently launched a program HEAL YOUR HEARTBREAK Incorporating my H.E.A.L. I.T Method ™ which is a 6-step method that I created to help people heal from the pain of break-up and personal loss and recreate the life and happiness they deserve. It’s a bespoke coaching program. Click HERE for more information.

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